Outreach/Legal Advocate

Posted: 01/07/2024

*2 Positions available. 1 full-time position in Salem and a part-time position in Vienna

Supervisor:         Outreach Director
DOL Status:        Non-exempt
Benefit Status:  Full-time

Job Summary:

The outreach/legal advocate is responsible for listed tasks in accordance with the terms of the contracts between organizations and agencies and Russell House.


Reporting Responsibilities:

The outreach/legal advocate reports to the Outreach Director.
Following adopted policies of Russell House, the outreach/legal advocate is evaluated by the Outreach Director. 
Probationary Employment:
Employment is subject to probationary employment policies of the Russell House Board of Directors.

Level of Authority:

The outreach/legal advocate has the authority to complete tasks as outlined in the job description.  Any activities outside the job description should be approved by the Outreach Director.

Interaction with Other Departments:

The outreach/legal advocate will work with other departments and/or programs as needed but will work closely with the Outreach Director.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Completes all training as required by the Missouri Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence (MCADSV) and PCFCS/Russell House to maintain dual eligibility status as a provider of DV and SV services.
  2. Ensures services provided by PCFCS/Russell House meets MCADSV Service Standards.
  3. Ensures services provided by PCFCS/Russell House meets the Department of Social Services Code of Professional Ethics for Sub-recipient Agencies and Individual Service Providers.
  4. Ensures services provided by PCFCS/Russell House meets the Department of Public Safety Code of Professional Ethics for Victim Service Providers Sub-grantees.
  5. Provides education and advocacy services – not legal advice – to victims of domestic and sexual violence seeking assistance in the civil and/or criminal justice systems.
  6. Participates in efforts to develop a coordinated community response to DV/SV.
  7. Establishes and maintains a collaborative and cooperative relationship with court personnel, law enforcement, prosecutor offices, and community organizations. 
  8. Flexibility to assure emergency room accompaniment, hospital advocacy and other services for DV/SV survivors and participating in the on-call schedule
  9. Accompanies victims to court.
  10. Assists victims when filing petitions for orders of protection.
  11. At the victim’s request, provides court and legal advocacy with law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, probation and parole personnel, juvenile authorities and the victim’s attorney.
  12. Provides information and referrals to other agencies and resources.
  13. Provides trainings about legal issues, changes and developments in court procedures, and aspects of civil and criminal justice system involving victims of domestic and/or sexual violence.
  14. Tracks and reports MCADSV and grant required statistics.
  15. Attends staff meetings and trainings.
  16. Create and implement systems to disseminate information to communities.
  17. Visit businesses, religious communities, and local organizations to present info about programs and services 
  18. Develop and maintain relationships with geographical and socioeconomic communities.  
  19. Ensures that precautions are taken to provide safety, security and confidentiality for clients.
  20. Provides shift coverage as needed, including holiday and weekend coverage.
Abides by the rules, regulations, and adopted policies of the PCFCS/Russell House Board of Directors.
  1. Supports actions of the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.
  2. Other duties when requested (as needed).
Skills & Experience
  • Sensitivity to and acceptance of individual needs and differences.
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field OR three years of related experience.
  • Familiarity with the civil and criminal justice systems.
  • Knowledge of the Adult Abuse Act and the ability to educate those seeking orders of protection.
  • Ability to conduct oneself in a professional manner, particularly in the handling of confidential information and as a representative of PCFCS/Russell House in the community. 
  • Ability and willingness to work cooperatively as a member of a team to accomplish team goals.
  • Individual must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, be computer literate, out-going, creative and resourceful, a self-starter, and professional.