Honoring My Father

This week marked a significant milestone in the legislative calendar as we crossed the midpoint of the 2024 session and will now take one week recess, allowing us to return to our communities, spend time with our families and prepare for priorities to come, including finalizing the Fiscal Year 2025 state budget. One priority I am glad to have moved forward before the break is Senate Bill 1453, a bill I filed to honor my father, Dr. Dan Brown, approved in committee.
Senate Bill 1453 is a bittersweet bill for me. It would designate a portion of Highway 63 in Rolla, from Lanning Lane to Route BB/10th Street, as “Dr. Dan Brown Memorial Highway,” in honor of his service as a legislator for our community. He also practiced veterinary medicine for 45 years in Rolla, and Brown Veterinary Clinic is still in operation today, maintaining his excellent care and service. The signs and costs associated with their installation and maintenance will be paid with private donations, meaning this will not come at a cost to taxpayers. I remain eternally proud of my father’s legacy and the care he had for his constituents. It is an honor to follow in his footsteps and I hope I can do him proud as your senator. I am hopeful SB 1453 will be passed by the entire Senate.
The Emerging Issues Committee also heard my Senate Bill 938 this week, which allows personal property stored in a self-storage unit to be sold if the owner defaults on a lien. The committee also voted to pass Senate Bill 1353, my legislation designed to ease the financial burden on county jails housing long-term inmates. That bill will now move on to be discussed on the Senate floor.
It was a very fulfilling week, with plenty of legislation I support moving forward. I am also very excited for the week of rest ahead and spending time with my family. The Senate will reconvene on March 25 and I will be sure to keep you updated as we move towards the end of session.
It’s my honor to serve as your senator for the 16th District. If you have questions or need any assistance, please call my office at 573-751-5713 or log onto my webpage at senate.mo.gov/brown for more information.