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What is Great Circle?

For some of us, life's path is full of obstacles and isn't clearly defined. But when our compass fails us, how do we find our way again?

It's for this reason that Great Circle exists. To guide those in circumstances beyond their control through times of struggle, toward a place where they can thrive. And to equip them with the tools and support they need to get there.

We restore hope where it is most needed by providing a unique spectrum of specialized behavioral health services and highly-trained professionals across the state.

At Great Circle, we embrace the same inspiring virtues we find in those we serve.

To be courageous as we champion change and growth in our communities. Just as they have shown the courage to ask for and accept our help.

To never give up. By celebrating each victory and persevering through each setback. By holding onto the belief that anyone or anything, once lost, can be reclaimed and redirected.

And by staying committed to serve not as a last resort, but a first step toward a future that's brighter than what's been left behind.


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Kathryn Anderson
Director of Regional Advancement
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