Maintenance Laborer

Posted: 02/13/2023

FSLA: Part-Time (20-40 hours weekly), Non-Exempt
 Mows and maintains park and open space areas such as softball/baseball and soccer fields; mows weeds; cleans and maintains tennis courts and nets. Drags ball fields and lines fields for games. Assists in routine maintenance of park drinking fountains, restrooms, shelters and other Parks and Recreation buildings. Sweeps, washes, paints, and repairs or replaces park tables and slabs. Performs semiskilled interior building maintenance such as painting, plumbing, carpentry, and other unskilled and semiskilled trades work. Performs routine maintenance on lawn and power equipment. Plants lawns, trees, shrubs, and flowers. Carries out the seeding, fertilizing, top dressing, soil conditioning, watering, and the pest and weed control of parks and open spaces. Maintains and adjusts specialized turf care equipment and tools, including electric motors, pumps, sprinklers, tractors, mowers, and irrigation systems. Operates tractors, mowers, trucks, chipper truck, and other listed equipment as needed. Maintains current skills and knowledge in the proper and safe techniques of building and grounds maintenance functions. Collects and disposes of solid waste from buildings and grounds; picks up litter from premises. Assists in setting up and taking down equipment for various park and recreation programs and prepares facilities for park and recreation program use. Assists in the construction of new parks facilities, including clearing, grading, drainage, and foundation work. Other duties as assigned.
Application forms and full position descriptions can be found at and are also available at the Parks & Recreation office -- 901 N. Elm -- Room 306. You can also email your application and or resume to