Volunteer Coordinator (Part-time)

Posted: 10/01/2023

Job Summary
The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for tasks performed in accordance with the terms of
contracts and the adopted policies of Russell House.
Reporting Responsibilities
The Volunteer Coordinator reports to the Outreach Director.
The Volunteer Coordinator, following the adopted policies of Russell House, is
evaluated by the Outreach Director.
Probationary Employment
Employment is subject to probationary employment policies of the Russell House Board
of Directors.
Level of Authority
The Volunteer Coordinator has the authority to complete tasks as outlined in the job
description. Any activities outside of the job description should be approved by the Outreach
Interaction with Other Departments
The Volunteer Coordinator will work with other departments and/or programs as needed and
will work closely with the Outreach Director.
Duties and Responsibilities
1. Completes all training as required by the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual
Violence (MOCADSV) and Russell House to maintain dual eligibility status as a provider of
DV and SV services and acts in compliance with MOCADSV service standards.
2. Acts in compliance with the Department of Social Services Code of Professional Ethics
for Sub-recipient Agencies and Individual Service Providers and the Department of
Public Safety Code of Professional Ethics for Victim Service Providers Sub-grantees.
3. Participates in engagement/awareness events and initiatives.
4. Works with Leadership Team to build community support of Russell House.
5. Oversees and is responsible for the Russell House volunteer program, including
recruiting, screening, and training volunteers.
6. Responsible for updating the volunteer materials including handbook/manual,
procedures, calendar, files, outcomes, and statistics.
7. Plans and implements volunteer recognition and appreciation events.
8. Tracks and reports MOCADSV and grant required statistics.
9. Periodically provides coverage for shelter staff.
10. Abides by the rules, regulations, and adopted policies of the Russell House Board of
11. Supports actions of the Executive Director and the Board of Directors.
12. Other duties when requested (as needed).
Skills and Experience
 College degree in marketing, communications, or related field or a minimum of three years
of related experience;
 Ability to work independently and conduct oneself in a professional manner;
 Ability and willingness to work cooperatively as a member of a team to accomplish team
 Ability to have a flexible schedule including working nights or weekends as needed;
 Be willing and able to speak publicly to groups;
 Individual must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and be computer
literate, outgoing, creative, and resourceful.